Our experienced team, equipped with contemporary knowledge, is able to provide comprehensive and effective advice to organizations that either wish to introduce, or already have Employee Benefit Programs (such as Pension, Gratuity and Post-Retirement Medical and Leave Encashment schemes etc.).

We offer the following consultancy services for Post-Retirement Employee Benefit Programs (that is for Pension, Gratuity, Medical Schemes and other free or subsidized facilities) and Other Long Term benefit programs (such as leave accumulation and/or encashment): 

actuary services

  • Carrying out actuarial valuations to determine financial implications of introducing new schemes or varying benefits of existing schemes (this includes identifying one time and recurring costs).
  • Assistance in selecting appropriate benefits, in view of an organization’s objectives, prevalent norms and cost constraints.
  • Carrying out a funding actuarial valuation to determine surplus/deficit, assessing the appropriateness of existing funding strategy, and recommend changes where required.
  • Assistance in devising the appropriate strategy for the financing of start-up or benefit change costs.
  • Preparation of trust deeds, rules and supplementary documents for administering the program.
  • Assisting in preparation of reports for such programs according to specifications of prevailing International and Local Accounting Standards (such as International Accounting Standard 19 for reporting in Pakistan).
  • Providing prudent advice on the appropriateness of investment policies practiced by funded schemes in various allowed instruments, by analyzing their yields and taking into account the cash-flow requirements for benefit payments etc.
  • Preparing cash flow projections for employee benefit schemes to assist organizations in cash flow management and budgeting.